The end for the Franks…

In the film The Freedom Writers, we hear Eva and Marcus arguing about the ending of the book. Eva is upset that Anne has to die… Marcus is inspired…

Eva: “I hate this book! If she dies, then what about me? What do you say about that?”

Marcus: “Coz it’s true. See, to me she ain’t dead at all. How many friends do you know who’s in jail or got killed?”

Eva: “Too many to count!”

Marcus: “How many have you read a book about? Have you seen them on TV or even in the newspaper? That’s why this story is dope! She was our age, man. Anne Frank understands our situation…”


What about you…?

How did you feel when you read the last page of Anne Frank’s diary?

What parts of Anne’s story did you connect with?

Why do you think Anne’s diary has had such a long lasting impact on the world?

Who do you recommend should read the book?


Anne dreams about Hanneli…

Anne often worried about her Jewish friends. On November 27, 1943, Anne described her dream about her friend Hanneli Goslar.

  1. What do you think this dream was about?
  2. Why was the dream so disturbing for Anne?
  3. Compare this dream to Anne’s original description of Hanneli (June 15, 1942).
  4. Do some research – what happened to Hanneli Goslar?

Monday evening, 8 November 1943…

Read the entry written by Anne on the 8 November 1943 again (pg. 144).

Anne writes,

“If you were to read all my letters in one sitting, you’d be struck by the fact that they were written in a variety of moods”

  1. What different “moods”  have you detected? Provide a quote from the diary that could illustrate each mood.

“At night in bed I see myself alone in a dungeon, without Father and Mother.” 

    2.  How does Anne feel at this point in time? Does Anne believe that the war will end? 

What about the others…? Who else lives in the annex?

List the 8 people who lived in the secret annex.

Find historical facts about them such as their name, age, relation to Anne and occupation (pre-war). Add a photo!

Describe each person as we see them (through Anne’s eyes of course). What do we learn about them from Anne’s diary? How does Anne feel about each of them?

Include some quotes from the diary about each person.

Hitler in the crowd!

Look at this photo of Hitler in a cheering crowd during WWI – many years before he came to power –  imagine finding this photo in the archives and realising you are looking at a young Hitler!

Browse google images and find your own fascinating image from the time. In your journal, explain the image; where, when, what, who and why? Imagine that you are present in the scene- How would you feel? What would you think/say/do?

Write a poem!

On Sunday 13 June, 1943 (pg. 103) Anne publishes a poem written by her father (edited by her sister Margot) about what it’s like for the girls living in hiding. Why don’t you write a poem in response to Anne’s diary or to something you’ve learnt about the plight of the Jews…?

As youngest among us, but small no more,

Your life can be trying, for we have the chore

Of becoming your teachers, a terrible bore.

“We’ve got experience! Take it from me!”

“We’ve done this all before, you see.

We know the ropes, we know the same.”

Since time immemorial, always the same.

One’s own shortcomings are nothing but fluff,

But everyone else’s are heavier stuff:

Faultfinding comes easy when this is our plight,

But it’s hard for your parents, try as they might,

To treat you with fairness, and kindness as well;

Nitpicking’s a habit that’s hard to dispel.

Men you’re living with old folks, all you can do

Is put up with their nagging — it’s hard but it’s true.

The pill may be bitter, but down it must go,

For it’s meant to keep the peace, you know.

The many months here have not been in vain,

Since wasting time noes against your Brain.

You read and study nearly all the day,

Determined to chase the boredom away.

The more difficult question, much harder to bear,

Is “What on earth do I have to wear?

I’ve got no more panties, my clothes are too tight,

My shirt is a loincloth, I’m really a siaht!

To put on my shoes I must off my toes,

Dh dear, I’m plagued with so many woes!”